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Potato install trubbs on Amiga 1200

Hullo :) I'm have quite an odd little problem installing potato...

Everything is great until it tries to find the rescue.bin, at which point
I'm told it's not the right disk and please try again :(

I mean, instead of having the debian/amiga/* in dh0:, I even renamed the
directory structure to the full dists/potato/disks-m68k path (I'm writing
this from memory so I know that path isn't quite right :)

At that point, I was even asked if I wanted to install rescue.bin from the
default stable archive, so it's able to see the AmigaDOS partition and
files OK...

I can't understand the problem, because that debian/amiga tree was created
simply by unpacking amigainstall.tgz :(

Ideas, anyone? This machine is destined to be another public 68k
development machine so I'd really like to get it going properly :))

Kind regards, 


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