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Postgresql bug followup report

Well, I've been working with the maintainer of Postgresql, and I've gone 
through a few hoops here and there. This is what I've done.

First, I asked a question here about apt-get. Apt-get won't install the
Postgresql package. Turns out it wasn't a problem with apt-get, but with
something else. So, I contact the maintainer, and he tells me that version
6.5.2 is so stable that it's out of date! So, he has me build 7.0.3 from
scratch using "script" and "debuild". I find out that doing it this way I'm
missing about 5 or 6 packages needed to do the build. After installing them
everything builds fine, and I get .debs for about 10 different postgresql
packages. I dpkg -i the packages, but I get the same error as before: "stuck
spinlock". The maintainer tells me that this particular piece of code is
architecture dependent, with some possibly written in assembly, and that's
why it doesn't work. Maybe. So, he tells me to test it out by doing this:

    cd src/backend/storage/buffer
    make s_lock_test

Which I will do as soon as I can get to my machine, which is located behind
a firewall at the local school where I volunteer.

Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on!


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