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VNC and X

Hey everyone, 

I'm working with VNC (virtual network computing), and in particular the
vncserver. But it seems that VNC only works if you have X installed, and a
decent window manager/environment...

I went looking for all of the XFree86 stuff, but I'm still not clear on what
is missing, even though I went to the debian packages page that says what's
supposed to be downloaded.

Can anyone offer any advice on where else I might get all the info I need to
get a working X session?

I need an Xserver, and ... what else?

I chose not to install any X stuff when I initially did the install, but now
I want it to be there. Is is possible to go back to the startup install
script from when I first installed? There was a list of all the stuff you
wanted, and just about everything related to X was two or maybe three



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