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Re: Unexpected IRQ 3 on device 00000000

Bill Layer wrote:
> When running either the 2.2.18 or 2.4.0 test kernels, I repeatedly get the
> message "Unexpected IRQ 3 on device 00000000" during boot, and on the console
> once I am logged in. It is much worse with 2.4.0 than with 2.2.18.
> Can't find any info in the *recent* archives on this...
> --
>                            -.bill.layer.-

Is this a Macintosh system with built-in Sonic Ethernet?  If so this is
a known problem when there is activity on the attached network.  You
could try some of the following:

Wait for a lull in network traffic before booting.
Make sure Appletalk is shut down in MacOS before starting Penguin.
Disconnect the network cable before booting.

The first one seems to work for me the majority of the time.  When it
doesn't I just reboot again. 

Ray Knight

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