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Re: which kernel to run on Performa 475?

Is everybody asking the same questions today???

> I have my m68k Potato box up & running finally, but the kernel is pretty old 
> (2.2.10). I have some issues, including adb_cuda buffer overruns. What kernel 
Pretty old? Welcome to the wonderful world of m68k.
> version should I be running, and where can I get the image? How much hassle 
I made 2.2.17 images, link is on the potato page (click through from my sig
or read the other mail on the list).
> is it to build my own on this machine (in terms of compile time, mainly..)
kernel with modules takes about 42 min on my machine (060@50, 72MB Ram),
when I build kernel-images its more like one hour per image. Scale that
yourself to your machine, but its very well doable on 040's.

Install kernel-source, kernel-patch_m68k and kernel-package, read the
documentation in the kernel-patch package (links to Nicks page are on the
potato page) and off you go.
Alternatively you might try out source+precompiled kernels from Ray Knight,
who frequently announces them here. Link to that page at the bootm of the
potato page. He has 2.2.18 and 2.4.0 kernels for macs there.

And next time you check the achives of the list? :-)

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