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2.4.0 Test kernel and modules for Mac68k available on SourceForge

I have just releaed a 2.4.0 test kernel and modules for the m68k
Macintoshes on the SourceForge site at 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-mac68k/ in the Latest File
Releases section.  This kernel is known to boot on a Mac IIfx and
support a Mac Con Ethernet card.  It will boot on a Quadra 950 but hangs
when scanning the second SCSI bus (fix hasn't been ported from 2.2.x
yet).  On an LC475 with the LC040 chip the system keeps resetting the
SCSI bus.  This indicates that the 53c9x SCSI may still need some work.

The site also contains the latest 2.2.18 kernel release which has been
tested on many different Macs with all reports indicating success.  
Ray Knight

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