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Re: call for ports to begin using 2.4.0 headers for glibc

"Christian T. Steigies" wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 09:58:57AM -0700, Bdale Garbee wrote:
> >
> > Did the HP series 300/400 hardware ever get added to the supported m68k
> > platform list?  If so, it wouldn't be hard for me to scrounge a couple of
> > fairly capable systems to contribute.  The last time I asked, it sounded like
> > it'd be more work than it was worth.
> There are no kernel-images for it, right now we only have amiga, atari, mac
> and two vme flavours. I don't remember seeing HP as an option in the kernel.
> But even Q40(q60?), which is available in the kernel, has no kernel-image
> yet... (any volunteer? and maybe also write an install guide and collect
> other tools needed to boot?).
> Christian

Currently the HP 300 code only supports the 340.  The code doesn't
appear to have any active maintainer at present.  I have a number of 300
series systems that are not supported and time permitting I would like
to get them supported.  The problem is I'm currently over-committed with
development on the m68k Mac port, my day job and parenting.  Once we get
a reasonably stable 2.4.x kernel on the Mac, I plan on working on the HP
300.  I do have some surplus hardware if anyone has the time and desire
to do some active development.  Also if anyone knows where I can locate
memory modules for the 340 it would be appreciated.  My 340 has only 4MB
and I'd like to at least have one additional 4MB module.  I could trade
a 360 SPU w/4MB parity RAM module (for total of 8 MB) or a System
Interface Card (HP-IB, HIL, SPKR, RS232, LAN, Clock and DMA) for memory
for the 340.  I also have a 318 which is missing the power supply.

Ray Knight

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