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Re: XFree86 4.0.2 status

>> At a guess, it's probably worthwhile uploading just the X client
>> side of X4 for m68k, which should at least mean that if X4 is added
>> to testing (woody), the only thing that'll be broken is the X
>> server, rather than a thousand otherwise innocent packages...

CTS> What is "the client side"?

Some of us are particularly keen on getting the 4.0.2 client libraries
(particularly Xlib and Xaw) as well as the most recent version of
XTerm into a Debian release as soon as possible.  There has also been
a lot of improvement in the selection of available fonts, especially
for non-Latin-1 users.

(Actually, I'd like to see next week's XTerm in Debian.  There are
some pretty sweet patches pending.)

CTS> Everything but xserver-*?

That would be fine as far as I am concerned.

CTS> Just a broken X server means you can not run X on m68k, right?

Forgive me if I misunderstand your question, but there is no problem
at all with running XFree86 4 client-side with a 3.3.6 server (or a
non-XFree86 server, for that matter).

>From a user's point of view, getting a distribution and upgrading the
X server is a triviality; on the other hand, upgrading the client-side
libraries involves some major hassle (possible binary compatibility
issues, location of app-defaults, etc.)



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