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SE/30 makes it to 'J' - but no boot

Trying still to install m68k (Debian) on a Mac SE/30

I've managed to get a little further trying to boot linux on my Mac SE/30. Using either Penguin 17 or 18, I am able to get to a black screen with a penguin graphic in the upper right, then about 5 lines of text, with the following last line:


Can anyone tell me how far this is getting? What is significant about 'J' and what can I expect form 'K'?

This is a pretty stock SE/30 with 8MB of RAM. I am booting Penguin from OS 7.01, on a 1GB external SCSI drive. The machine has some type of a NIC installed. I get the same result on a different SE/30, which has 32MB of RAM and no NIC.

I am using 'linux' as my kernel, and 'root.bin' as my ramdisk image. Any help very much appreciated.

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