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RE: Still bus error from Penguin17 on SE/30

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your help.. I'll check out Jag's..

> Don't know for sure. The only other things I can think of are checking your
> MacOS environment for the following: (1) virtual memory should be disabled,
> (2) Don't use more than 4068k as a Disk Cache, and (3) Check to see if
> 32-bit disk access is on.

All of those conditions are already met. FYI, this machine has 32MB of RAM and I
believe the disk cache is like 32K or something very small.

> After doing the above 3 items, if it still doesn't boot, try holding down
> the shift key while booting into 7.5.3 (extensions off).

This I have also done - no help. I am thinking that there is some non-Pengiun
issue here. This machine should not be giving a Bus Error on shutdown, after a
install of the 7.5.3 update (which is what it does). I am wondering if there is
a problem with the RAM I am using, or some corruption of the system software,
or some other interaction.. ugh.

I have set up a new drive (1GB) with a 50MB MacOS partition, a 68MB swap and
two 400+MB AU/X partitions. I will install 7.0.1 or 7.1 to the MacOS partition,
and try this all again. This is bugging me, as I had no problems at all
installing NetBSD - but I want Linux dangit!

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