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Still bus error from Penguin17 on SE/30

On the suggestion of two list members, I installed the Penguin17 booter utility
that comes with the Slink distribution, in an attempt to fix a "Bus Error" and
lock-up that occurs when I am trying to boot the kernel (to start my install). 

Penguin17 behaves exactly like Penguin18 - I get all the way to the "Fasten
your seat belts" message, then a Penguin1X: Bus Error (Restart) but the system
is loced up hard. I am using MacOS 7.5.3 on an SE/30.

It might be worth mentioning that I *also* get a bus error any time I try to
_shut down_ this machine, but I do *not* get the error if I try to _restart_ the
machine. So what is possibly involved in Shutting Down, that is not also
involved in Restarting? Makes no sense to me..

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