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Re: Shoud 'rescue' floppy boot an SE/30?

On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 03:15:57PM -0500, Bill Layer wrote:

> Should the 'rescue' floppy start a boot process? If not, what is the 
> intended use of the 'rescue' and 'root' floppies'?

In short, no. Apple never released enough specs for their floppies for
anybody to make use of them. Just leave the floppy images and the
base2_2.tgz file on an available HFS partition; they're needed because
the installation system expects to have floppy images (but not
necessarily real floppy disks) to install from.

I think the lack of floppy support for Macs is documented somewhere,
but I can't find it immediately. Check both the potato install guide
(www.debian.org/releases/potato/) and the Mac-specific notes
for more info.

Mike Renfro  / R&D Engineer, Center for Manufacturing Research,
931 372-3601 / Tennessee Technological University -- renfro@tntech.edu

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