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Shoud 'rescue' floppy boot an SE/30?

I downloaded m68k Potato (current) from ftp.debian.org and started the install process by writing the rescue, root and driver floppies with dd. (I thought it would be a good idea to at least test the kernel, to see if it boots the system). As you might imagine by where this is going, the 'rescue' floppy does _not_ boot at all. The SE/30 takes a good long look at the floppy, and then starts from the internal HD.

Should the 'rescue' floppy start a boot process? If not, what is the intended use of the 'rescue' and 'root' floppies'? Is there some issue related to the SE/30's default 24bit addressing mode, that prevents this from working? Also, does the latest Potato generally work well on the SE/30? I have 32MB of RAM installed, if that helps at all.

PS I am aware that the Linux system cannot be booted directly from a hard disk, but for some reason I felt like Linux should be bootable from the floppy, seeing as the 'rescue' disk contains both a kernel and a bootloader.

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