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penguin prefs

Which comes first, the penguin or the prefs? The
install doc's talk about double clicking penguin prefs
to start a mac installation, but I don't get a penguin
prefs file when I download the files from the ftp
site. Where can I get a copy of this file for
Penguin-18? I tried doing the settings myself but got
a kernel panic and something about not being able to
mount the ram volume. I attached a copy of the penguin
prefs file that I created by saving my settings--if
that's any help. I'm using a centris 610 with true
68040 and 68mb ram. I pointed the penguin to the linux
kernel and the root.bin in the same folder. I think I
told it to shut down appletalk. I left command line
blank. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.

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