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Re: /proc/hardware

> So how many got bounced mails becaue I entered a wrong address of the list?
> Anyway, I think I got enough responses (overwhelming, may I use that
> collected data for commerical purposes ;-) only Atari is missing, but I
> guess it would be similar to the others.
> On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 11:17:50PM +0200, Richard Zidlicky wrote:
> > >  grep Model /proc/hardware
> > 
> > You can add 'Q40' and 'Q60', one never knows <g>.
> Model: Q40 ?
> You got a point there, if the hardware is not detected, you can not install
> debian. 

I found that quite inconvenient when I was bootstrapping my Q40 for the
first time, I had to binary edit the script in the filesystem image to 
get around that. 
Maybe it would be possible to let the user continue at his own risk rather
than simply aborting if the architecture or model is not known?

> Q40/Q60 is not mentioned at the moment, shall we include you? Is
> there an fdisk your your machine? I think that one is also needed. Not sure
> what else is needed to install on your machine, but we could give it a try?
> How do you call the machine, the Q machine? Ah, maybe you need a special
> kernel? But if you send me a config file (for 2.2.10) that should be no
> problem either.
> Anybody objecting? Nick, do you see any problems (besides the usual lack of
> time)?

the install is pretty easy, it needs atari-fdisk and keyboard maps from
i386 archs. 

The kernel is a different story, the Q40 patches aren't yet fully included
into standard m68k tree. I can cook up a patch for 2.2.10 that won't break
other arches but I am also providing precompiled q40 kernels so nobody really
needs that.


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