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Re: installing debian via nfs

tob wrote:
> Am Fre, 13 Okt 2000 schrob Erik C.J. Laan:
> > The standard directory-structure should be:
> > /dists/potato/main/binary-m68k
> > Assuming:  1) the distributions your trying to install is 'potato'
> > 2) you've downloaded everything keeping the standard directory-structure
> > of the server.
> > The distribution-toplevel directory would the become /dists/potato. The
> > solution is this to copy everything from binary-m68k and down into a
> > directory 'main' somewhere, and pointing the install program to the
> > directory just above this 'main' diorectory.
>  i did it as you told me, but it does not work :-((

If your still getting the same error, I'd suggest looking at the server
again and looking in the /potato directory. There probably is not only a
'main' directory, but also some files in 'main'. I can only check on my
CD, and there is a file called 'Contents-i386.gz'. Because you have
downloaded the binary-m68k it probably will be called
'Contents-m68k.gz'. This is probably the list of packages on the CD and
the installation program is looking for it...

Hope this helps a little further, Erik Laan.
Erik C.J. Laan   elaan@dds.nl (preferred), ecjlaan@hetnet.nl (messages

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