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Re: Debian2.2 and clgen on Amiga3000

Hello reginald,

>From the desk of Moses Wildermuth. Money Talks Enterprises, 
 On 01-Jan-78, reginald wrote the following in an email regarding Re:
Debian2.2 and clgen on Amiga3000---
> Hello Christian
> has anyone got 2.2 deban to work i go through the first install ok reboot
> on second install part i get to the apt files i wish to install load up my
> files it tells me to put cd in all ok it reads info tells me how much in
> meg i,m installing get to about 3 to 4% then locks up any idears i can
> install all my redhat5.1 ok vary unstable though can i get it to install
> of off harddrive as it is and how can i get it to reconise
> i wish to install from harddrive config amiga 4000t 060 32megs 24 cd-rw
> 1.5gig 6.5 scsi ide on native port Regards
> reg

I am having very similar problems on my A3000D.  Only after connecting I get
nothing thru the modem anymore.
Money Talks Enterprises


A3000D, Warp040/40, Spectrum, ASDG Xserial, Nexus,
2meg Chip, 64meg Fast, 8megs DMA(RAD:),
9+1.2gig SCSI2, Zip100 and Pinnacle 2X CDR/W;
Running Hot with Kick3.1, OS3.5 and Scalos1.2!
Emulating MacOS7.61 and Win3.11 for WorkGroups,
Struggling with Linux m68k.

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