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semi-dead powerbook 145b as a terminal

  - I'm not subscribed to this list, please cc to me
  - I havn't been reading your archives, or much other 
information in this matter, you might consider this a 
complete newbie q, which it is.

Anyway: _Hi!

The short q, is this:
Is it posible to connect a PoweBook 145b, without 
connection to it's scsi-drive, as a dumb-terminal to a 
Debian GNU/Linux box (running on a Ix86 system)?

The long thing is this:

I'm a newbie to debian and even more to mac's (currently 
using a Ix86 with partly an evil OS an partly Debian 

For some time ago, a friend of mine dumped a broken 
PowerBook 145b at my place with the request to fix it. (I 
wonder way, I'm nu guru) Anyway, it turns out that it has 
lost connection to it's scsi-drive. My friend decided to 
get a new computer insted, and left the PowerBook to me.

I started thinking that, it would be cool to be able to use 
this as a dumb terminal connected to my Debian GNU/Linux 
box acting as a server. This way two users can 
simultaneously (?) use the computer.

Is it possible?


Please cc to me - I'm not subscribing to this list.

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