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Re: 2.2.10 on Mac IIcx: SCSI doesn't work :-(

On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > How is it possible for something from MacOS to still be alive? How would
> > it even get called if we shut down all interrupt sources?
> Example: Sonic interrupt engine. Will happily scribble all over kernel
> memory if its receive buffers or descriptors happen to be allocated there.
> Will only be shut up by disabling the Sonic itself, not by blocking its
> interrupt.
> Who knows what else in a Mac could do that? 
> 	Michael

How about Mode32? You won't find that on any Mac other than the problem
ones. Does anyone know how it goes about fixing a buggy ROM? Does it
intercept MMU calls, or patch over a section of ROM and point it at its
own code? Maybe Mode32 is hanging around, and using a ramdisk fools it
into thinking that we're going to get nailed by a ROM bug, so it scribbles
all over our code.

Sounds odd, but it could be possible. Maybe a test without Mode32 would be
in order.


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