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Re: Requirements

{OPHeLIA} wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I am a user of Macintosh Centris 610 with 20 MB ram (easy upgradeable if
> needed)
> and i wonder wether the Debian linux would run on it.
> If I remember correctly, the Centris610 uses 68LC040 20mhz CPU.
> What are the requirements for debian Linux anyway?
> And  can I use a X win as well ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Árni Gunnarsson

That would depend on the Revision of the 68LC040 you have.  There were
quite a few 68LC040 chips that were broken (i.e. wouldn't work properly
even with a software FPU).  I think you can test using something called
SoftFPU under MacOS or you could boot the Debian Linux root.bin and see
what happens.

Ray Knight

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