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Re: Kernel issue with SE/30 and Debian 2.2 installation

> > Physical RAM: 8 MB
> > Command line is 'root=/dev/ram mac5380=4,2 video=font:VGA6x6'
> > GUnzipping Delenn 540MB:mac:linux
> [...]
> BTW, is there really a 6x6 font? I knew about 8x8, and 6x11, but never
> 6x6. That would be nice actually...

6x6 was never implemented, and I have explicitly excluded the 6x11 driver
in the 2.2.10 builds. Try 8x8.

(and on the RAM issue, I've used a 5 MB SE/30 with 2.2 kernels and the
slink ramdisk IIRC. 8 MB should be sufficient in any case).


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