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Re: linux for HP 9000 300/400 series

On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 04:11:19PM -0500, Rodney Schuler wrote:

> Let's keep this conversation on the debian-68k list.  That way it is
> archived, and when somebody else finds one of these machines, they can do a
> search and find us.
I don't want to interrupt your private communication, but if you want it to
be archived, why don't you take it to the kernel list:
AFAIK that list is archived as well and you will find the kernel hackers
there, probably also some people who did network booting, I saw some doing
it last year at the linux day in Oldenburg. Those people rad linux-m68k, not
necessarily debian-68k.
Besides, I think you are totally off-topic here (with 99% mac users?) and
on-topic there.
You could as well create a new project on sourceforge, with webpages,
mailing lists, etc...

Just my two cents, 

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