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linux for HP 9000 300/400 series

I have just acquired 3 HP 9000 425t machines.  They are 68040 based machines
with 32M of ram, SCSI and 1280x1024x8bit video.  I am going to attempt to
get them running under a free (speech) Unix.  I am aware of a NetBSD port at
http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/hp300/ and a Linux port at
http://www.tazenda.demon.co.uk/phil/linux-hp/ The NetBSD port looks to be
the more advanced, so I will probably try it first.  The Linux port's web
page has not been updated since Jan 1998.

Does any Debian developer have any experience with these machines?  Does
anybody know of more recent Linux work on HP 9000 3xx/4xx machines?  Would
anybody be interested if I were to start working on a Debian port?  I am not
currently a Debian developer, but would like to become one.

Rodney Schuler

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