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Re: linux for HP 9000 300/400 series

Rodney Schuler wrote:
> I have just acquired 3 HP 9000 425t machines.  They are 68040 based machines
> with 32M of ram, SCSI and 1280x1024x8bit video.  I am going to attempt to
> get them running under a free (speech) Unix.  I am aware of a NetBSD port at
> http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/hp300/ and a Linux port at
> http://www.tazenda.demon.co.uk/phil/linux-hp/ The NetBSD port looks to be
> the more advanced, so I will probably try it first.  The Linux port's web
> page has not been updated since Jan 1998.
> Does any Debian developer have any experience with these machines?  Does
> anybody know of more recent Linux work on HP 9000 3xx/4xx machines?  Would
> anybody be interested if I were to start working on a Debian port?  I am not
> currently a Debian developer, but would like to become one.
> Rodney Schuler
> rodneyschuler@isualum.com

I recently came into a rather large cache of HP9000/3xx machines.  I
have at least 4 CPU's that will boot HPUX from one of the 3 disk units I
recieved with them.  I also have 2 SCSI boards and many other
peripherals.  I would also be interested in getting Linux to boot on
these units, so if you get any responses I'd be interested in hearing
the results.  I can compile a kernel for the HP9000/300 but I can't
figure out how I would get it on the box to boot and install.

Ray Knight

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