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Re: potato and macIIci

James Waterhouse wrote:
> I'm trying to install potato on my macIIci using the latest disks but
> I'm having problems. I run Penguin and it gets to the point where it
> says "fasten your seat belt..." the screen changes color and then
> nothing happens... Dose anyone know what is wrong? Is there something I
> am doing wrong? My command line is just root=/dev/ram and the kernel and
> ram are set to files on my drive. Does anyone have an idea what is
> wrong? I'm using MacOS 7.5 something i think.
> James
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Penguin 18 is broken on the IIci, you can use Penguin 17 from the slink
distro. and everything else from potato.  This is what worked for me. 
I'm hoping to go through the source soon and se what changed from
Penguin 17 to Penguin 18 that caused this problem.

Ray Knight

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