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    Does anyone know if there is a problem with ypbind? On boot up my
mac LC 630 (running the latest potato) fails to bind to my nis network.
And yet and the other computers on my network have the exact same
configuration and they have no problem binding. Right now all my
computers broadcast to find the nis server... they all find it except
the mac. Could there be something specific to the mac that makes this
fail? The other computers running on the network are i386s, a powermac,
and a sparc; all running the latest potato. Does anyone know how to
debug this? How can I tell if the broadcast is actually be broadcast on
the network? Shouldn't the nis server spit out information if the client
(the mac) is sending stuff it does not understand? (I should be reading
/var/log/messages ?) Any help would be gretly appreciated.


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