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Re: Where is kernel-image-2.2.10-mac_*.deb?

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 01:52:06AM +0200, Alexander Shumakovitch wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm sorry if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find any answer in the release
> notes in /upgrade-m68k or on Debian/m68k project page. 
> I've just upgraded my MacIIcx to potato and now want to install the latest
> 2.2.10 kernel on it, but there is no kernel-image-2.2.10-mac_*.deb file in
> the archive. There are flavours for Amiga and ?vme* but not for Mac. Is Mac
> supported by that kernel well? Is it safe to compile the kernel myself? Where
> one can get a default .config file for it?
Somehow this kernel image never made its way into the archives, I don't know
why. You find it on kullervo, if you have an account there. Since most of
you do not have an account there, I copied it to my debian pages, see sig
for location. This is the kernel image which was used for the potato
boot-floppies. You should be able to find a .config in that file. For more
up to date kernels, ask the maclinux people (is there a pointer to that list
in the FAQ?).
Michael is working on a new kernel-image with more/better drivers, but don't
hold your breath for it... you might as well try to get source and/or image
from the maclinux site (of which I allways forget the webpage).
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