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Re: Macintosh IIsi

At 12:26 am +0100 2/8/2000, Wayne wrote:
>Sorry if this is too basic a question for this list, but I am brand
>new to Linux.  Can anyone tell me if there is a version that will run
>on a Mac IIsi with 9Mb RAM and a 75 Mb hard drive?  I don't care if I
>have to wipe the MacOS instead of having a dual-boot machine (if that
>is even possible).  I'd appreciate it if someone could give me the
>correct version number for my machine and point me in the right

Look at www.debian.org and find the m68k version.

You can install the slink distribution but I would advise that you install
the latest Potato version. This is much more stable, the keyboard driver
for the IIsi is notoriously troublesome.  Follow the installation manual
instructions but use the Penguin 17 installer not  Penguin 18 that is
currently included in the Potato file listing.  All the files you need are
in the macinstall package.  You can of course obtain the official CD
distribution instead.

You will still need to keep your MacOs,AFAIK the only way to have Linux on
your mac is as a dual boot machine.  Whilst you will be able to install
Linux the size of your Hard drive will limit its usefulness.

FYI I have Linux on my IIsi 17Mb RAM 2Gb hard drive partioned 1Gb MacOS,
1GBMb Linux.  Its a bit slow but it works.

Hope this helps

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