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Re: Potato Installation Report

On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 07:14:58AM -0400, Henry Garcia wrote:
> This has always had me puzzled. What is the process of installing Potato
> using Penguin 17? I couldn't use Penguin 18 on my IIci because it always
> froze my screen. I've seen some cryptic references by Christian Steiges
> about including the Penguin 17 files on the CD; but don't exactly understand
> why.
cryptic references??? I was asking if Penguin17 should be included as well.
Its not yet in disks-m68k, since there was not enough resonance.
> > Downloaded macinstall and base from debian ftp site this weekend.
> > Installation went smoothly using Penguin 17 .  Was not able to get Penguin
> > 18 to work.  I have the log files if they may be of use.
Well, maybe for the author of Penguin18? Whoever that is...

> > I was not trying to install any packages but could not find a way out of
> > the apt installation section apart from resetting manually.  On startup of
> > Potato mod probe reported missing files and no /etc/resolv.conf file I
> > don't know if this is crucial.
Does not sound good, can you send a log?

> > If I edit the etc/rc2.d will this enable me to get to the login prompt ?
How can you edit that, without loggin in? I mean, you need a login prompt to

> > On the whole pretty painless.  Christian are you accepting any amendement
Its working nevertheless? Cool ;-)
> > to the install guide ? I think I have figured out how to make a diff !
Just send a diff, I will check it in. No guarantees though, that it will
be included on the potao CDs, since the boot-floppies for them may be the
ones which were uploaded last week. But it will be in the next boot-floppies
version, and, if Nick integrates it, and somebody else includes it in the
main docs, it will be in the online version. But please don't write prosa,
look at the full docs first, before you try to write whats allreay written.
See http://www.debian.org/releases/2.2/m68k/install


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