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Re: Unidentified subject!

Hi Christian

On 21-Mar-00, you wrote:

> Upgrade. Its at least libc6 and a few others maybe. I think libz was
> renamed from zlib or something. Best is you install apt, configure it
> (etc/atp/sources.list) to your debian mirror and do
> apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade
> Then use apt as method for dselect and install what you want.
> If you do an upgrade from the slink base system, you will have a hard
> time, it works, but its a pain. You can not install potato from scratch,
> since we have no boot floppies (yet?), but this is another story.

I'm not running base system, I have installed quite a lot. I have more or
less only removed the different servers from installation of slink, mostly
since I can't use them on this network. I don't have an inet-IP and I'm
behind a firewall.

However, I'll try this way to upgrade.
> mozilla is not working on m68k? Did you report a bug?

Ok, then I know. No I haven't reported a bug. I hardly have anything to

Just one thing. Since I am kind of a novice with debian, I haven't figured
out how to make X not start on bootup. I probably haven't looked around
enough to find the settings but I'm kind of lazy!

Thomas Sjölin


Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective
-- Arthur C. Clarke

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