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Okay, now I'm confused

Hey Guys,

hmmmm...Fortunately, my brain has recovered somewhat from the fog it must
have been in, as I remembered that I did indeed have a back-up of my
base2_2.tgz. I then realized that I have now way of verifying that it truly
is a 2_2 potato. It could simply have been someone putting that label there.
How do I verify its authenticity?

I unpacked it on my powermac (in Mac OS) just to get to the libc.so.6 and I
go to look at that particular file and it is empty! It takes up zero K! I
don't get that. Why would it be empty? Or is that a figment of my mac's
imagination? Should I unpack it on my LinuxPPC side (different from the Mac
side, of course)? 

What fun this is!



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