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Re: Fwd: new install network problem

Changing the <"don't disable VBL interrupts" option
_off_> didn't help. I'm not keen on building a custom
kernel at this point, but I guess I'll have to.
Installing the base system with a newer kernel doesn't
appear to be an option. I'm looking at the "Debian and
the kernel" faq
It lists some packages that need to be installed in
order to build a kernel. Among them is 'bin86'. I
don't find anything like this in the ftp archive. Is
this only for x86 architecture? Is there an equivalent
for the 68k architecture, or am I ok with just the
other packages listed? Please tell me I'm going about
this all wrong, and there's a much easier way. :)

--- Michael Schmitz
<schmitz@mail.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
> > I'm trying to install debian packages with
> dselect,
> > and ftp fails to connect on 'update available
> > packages' step. Can someone look at my boot
> message
> > and network configuration files and tell me why my
> > network isn't working, please?
> > data...
> Thanks for posting your problem three times. 
> > Jan 24 01:07:37 m68k kernel: Scanning nubus slots.
> > Jan 24 01:07:37 m68k kernel: Macintosh ADB mouse
> There's no Nubus devices whatsoever detected. 
> > Jan 24 01:07:37 m68k kernel: Checking for internal
> > Macintosh ethernet (SONIC).. yes 
> > Jan 24 01:07:37 m68k kernel: eth0: SONIC ethernet
> > found at 0x50f0a000,  MAC 08:00:07:ec:ea:77 IRQ 9 
> But there's a builtin ethernet controller. Fine.
> Please try a more recent
> version of the Mac kernel (2.1, 2.2). And please
> make sure your booter
> options are OK ("don't disable VBL interrupts"
> option _off_).
> 	Michael
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