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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

OK, I borrowed a machine for tonight (mine is still down).  I'll try
to close as much issues as possible.  If any of you is online right
now (21:30 GMT+1) and willing to test live before the upload, just
tell me.

Hartmut Koptein writes:
 > Powerc and m68k need some tests, i've not changed any of the m68k code, it
 > is the source from console-data.config. 

-10 will include your latest ppc tests, modified with other fixes from
somebody else.  Thanks.

Christian T. Steigies writes:
 > Configuring packages ...      
 > Please report this bug: no keymaps described for architecture m68k/ amiga 2000

This is a known problem.  Fixing it as well.

So now it seems that /proc/hardware on ppc is not useful.  Is there
also a "machine" field on m68k ?  That would be nice...

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