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Re: VME bus access in Linux

I havn't tried VME access from my 147, but the first thing to check
is whether you can access the other boards with MM/MD under 147Bug.
Linux kernel makes no attempt to set up the VME interface, so if
access windows need setting up or enabling, you need to do that
manually before starting the kernel.  /dev/memnc is gone from newer
kernels; instead we open /dev/mem with O_SYNC to force non-cached


Manfred Huber wrote:
> I have installed a (patched) 2.0.33 kernel on an MVME147 board and
> created the /dev/memnc device. Everything is running fine except that
> I have problems accessing other boards over the VME bus. I was
> wondering if someone had experience with this and knows how I can
> access short memory space (A16) and standard address space (A24) from
> this Linux board ?
> Also, the VME bus access seems to have been changed in the 2.2 kernel.
> Would it be advantageous to upgrade to this kernel version in order to
> facilitate VME bus access to other boards ?
> Thanks,
> -Manfred
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