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Re: Boot problem.

i have a pb540c and it will not boot 2.3.x. i posted the error messages
to the list, but i've yet to make time to hook it up to a serial console
at home and get the lowdown on what's dying.

btw, are there any tips on doing that? i've never had to set up a serial
console before and i'm also wondering if having the Mac linux spit data
out to a PC serial port may present a problem.

my PC is a debian potato box if that makes a difference. standard dual
onboard serial ports.


Tony Mantler wrote:
> At 2:45 AM -0600 1/10/00, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> >> You may also be encountering problems with the SCSI driver, which is less
> >> that optimally coded. Search the mailing list archives for comments on this.
> >
> >Last, it might be a problem with th lack of FPU emulation in the 2.0.36
> >kernel as the 520 probably has a LC040 processor.
> Both the pb520 and pb540 have no FPU.
> >CC: to linux-mac68k, someone there should have the latest scoop on
> >Powerbooks.
> Not much has changed recently. The 2.2 should (in theory) function without
> PMU (keyboard, mouse, power management) support, and 2.3 may or may not
> function and may or may not have working PMU support, depending on the
> model, phase of the moon, and the particular shade of that green fuzzy
> stuff hiding at the back of your fridge. (I belive the correct combination
> is 'pb190', 'waxing crescent', and 'light teal with above average fuzziness
> and low goo factor', but I may be mistaken)
> If someone wants to start donating powerbooks and/or quality kernel hacking
> time, things will get supported a whole lot faster.
> Cheers - Tony :)
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