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RE: netscape

>On 02-Jan-00 ENRICO wrote:
>> where can i download netscape communicator or navigator for debian m68k?
>You can't, as far as I know. You need to use one of the other browsers.

What browsers, beside Lynx, are available for Linux/m68k ? You're not thinking of Arena ?

>> the programs for linux i386 or i586 run on debian m68k?
>> or i must compile them?
>You can't run any program compiled for an iX86 cpu on the m68k cpu (unless you
>have some kind of emulator). At the Debian site, check in the directory for
>m68k binaries.
>Otherwise, yes, you'll have to compile them.

What kind of a machine would I need to compile a browser like Netscape ? I own a Amiga 3000/25Mhz/16MB and I think back with tears in my eyes how much time I spend installing Debian (24 - 48 hours :-)

So, can anyone recommend running (or compiling) a browser, other than Lynx, on this machine ?


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