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Palette's problems.

Hi all,
I installed linux on amiga1200. I got a TV and I don't use a monitor.
Well, I can run X-Windows whitout any problems, but if I want to run for
GTKICQ or ARENA, I got an error of palette. These are the outputs:

gtkicq -> gdk_imlib: Cannot find palette. A palette is required for this mode
** error **: sigsegv caught

arena -> Arena.AllocGreyScale: Can't allocate standard grey palette

These are the errors. I can't run gtkicq and neither Arena.

I couldn't find any documentation about Arena or Gtkicq that tells me about
palette's problem.
So what I have to do?
I need to change something in the XF86Config file?
I can't understand the reason why these two programs tell me that they can't
use a palette (which palette, then?). Is there any problem whit color depth or
whatever...I can't
I also read the xfree86 documentation, but it never talks about palette...
So can you help me?
Thank you for your collaboration,

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