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Re: Bootdisks?

[CC to m68k-build for the obvious reason]

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Please let me know the status of the m68k boot disks.  Are they
> ready for release?

David Huggins-Daines was working on this; he made a first version (Mac
only) two months ago or so. I've tested the base system from that version
on Atari (manual install) and it was fine. 
> I see that you've made the leap to glibc 2.1.  Is that complete?

It's only just begun (there were problems with gcc miscompiling things
that got fixed last week). 

> Is there anything that still needs to be done by the archive managers
> or the release team?

Did the 2.1r<last> changes to disks-m68k happen already? (Phil Hands
wanted to know which of the disks-m68k subdirs was the right one, and I
described what to do WRT CDs and FTP area. Sorry I forgot to CC you ...)


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