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Re: install problems

Hello Brett!

You wrote:

> The basic problem is that the kernel hangs early on during the
> boot.  The screen goes grey, and nothing happens until I use
> Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga.

> When I press the final return the screen goes grey and stays that way
> until I reboot with Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga.

I sometimes get the same gray screen, that stays and nothing else happens,
with my GVP G-Force040 and a PiccoloSD64. Only a reboot does it. And
sometimes I get crap on the screen nothing else happesn and only a reboot 
In 50% of the time I get into Linux with the first boot. Maybe I should try
another graphicsboard or the G-Force timing is the reason for the crap.
Using the clgen.driver with: 
amiboot-5.6 -k linuxamiga root=/dev/sdb1 ro "video=clgen:monitorcap:48;100;31;85,mode:high"

I have a problem with my new Seagate Barracuda 4.3 GB. I have 7 partitions on it.
the last two are sda6 for the system and sda7 for swap. Mapped out the last
300MB to get no trouble with the Amiga FFS. When I try to install Debian
from CD I come till installing the resc.1440 and everything stops. tried it 
x-times without success. Now I run it from a secound HD with sdb1 and sdb2
as a swap-partition without. 

Have nice days everybody!



-- Andreas Meyer -- 

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