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Re: install problems

Hello Brett, Christian,

On 22-Dec-99, you wrote:


CTS> Maybe a GVP SeriesII controller? Its good to carry harddisks,
CTS> please remove this one or disable the mem. When I enable the mem on
CTS> my GVP-SII board, the machine becomes increadibly slow, taking an
CTS> hour to boot or so... no joke. Linux will tell you what board it
CTS> is, when it knows about it (I think, it knows all GVP boards).

I ran Debian on an A2000 fitted with a GVP G-Force 040 Combo (SCSI II)
and it was fine with 12MB - those flipping 64pin SIMMs though pah!  At
least it was fine until the Picasso2 vid card broke.  There was no
other RAM in the m/c - just 4 x 4MB GVP 60us (I think all the GVP SIMMs
were 60us).  Strange that your system should slow down - could you be
using different speed SIMMs elsewhere in the system and this is cause
timing problems?

CTS> Otherwise you can identify the board with AOS software (I used to
CTS> have some program, maybe its even on the WB disks?) or during the
CTS> early startup menu, I think it only tells you manufacturer and
CTS> product ID number, but thats enough to find out.

Possibly GVPInfo, although this gives loads of system info.  As you
should have got a copy with the board, I think it would be ok for me to
mail you a copy if you wish.  Mail me direct if so.

GVPInfo Vn 1.39 - 03 Jun 1992 - 63564 bytes




...or something.

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