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Re: E-mail problems. (fwd)

>Gee, how often do you want to ask this question? Why dont you read the
>answers??? Ah, you cant retrieve your mail, I guess we have to live with
>your question once a week?

I didn't know that Christian T. Steigies is a comic...
Maybe he is only a beginner, because he is not so famous...

>did you configure it by-hand or did you use the execellent config tool
>(eximconfig) which is called in the postinst? eximconfig works fine for me,
>I did not have to edit it by hand to get a basic setup working.

I have always prefer to configure by-hand. In this way maybe I can understand

 when I send a message whit the sendmail command, the
>with sendmail? why dont you use mutt to send you mail??? or elm or mail or
>pine... do you also use a binary editor to draw pictures?

I have to laugh, or cry? Tell me, please...

If I send the message whit the sendmail command or whit elm it is the same
Do you understand it?

>Well, did you read any of the replies you got before? Did you read the
>manpages and docs, the examples in the debian packages?

Yes, I read all yours messages,and I thank you, but I continue to have these
problems. Do you understand it?
The man pages and docs are prolixes. I can't find easily a solution to my

>> This is my .fetchmailrc file:
>> poll popmail.libero.it
>> protocol POP3
>> username rygar@libero.it, password *, is rygar
>> smtphost mail.libero.it
>kick this line out, you were told at least two times now, that this delivers
>the mail, you retrieve with fetchmail to mail.libero.it, it goes right back
>to where it come from, why dont you belive us?

I believe you, and as I already wrote, if I delete the smtp entry, I can't
retrieve any messages.
The fetchmail program tells me that it can't connect to a smtp server.
Do you understand it?

>> In the dmesg my system is root@rygar.
>> This is my bash prompt: rygar#
>you forgot one thing, your credit card number...

You are a very comic...felicitations...

>>   Messages will be SMTP-forwarded to: mail.libero.it
>can you read this? mail never stays on your machine...

Ok. I understand, but I can't even connect to my machine. telnet
doesn't work.

> Sorry, I cant help you learn reading...

I can read and write, what's your problem?
And I can even understand that you are not very intelligent.
Think about it.

whit love,

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