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Re: E-mail problems. (fwd)

Calm down, everybody please ...

> I didn't know that Christian T. Steigies is a comic...
> Maybe he is only a beginner, because he is not so famous...

No he isn't (neither comic nor beginner). You keep posting the same
problem again and again, and you apparently keep ignoring advice. Why
are you posting here at all if you refuse to act according to what
Christian told you?  
> >did you configure it by-hand or did you use the execellent config tool
> >(eximconfig) which is called in the postinst? eximconfig works fine for me,
> >I did not have to edit it by hand to get a basic setup working.
> I have always prefer to configure by-hand. In this way maybe I can understand
> something...

Your call. Please use eximconfig (preferably after reinstalling exim and
removing leftover config files). If the problem with SMTP persists, maybe
post your exim config here. Once you have exim running properly (sending
as well as receiving mail), you can tinker with the config manually. 
> If I send the message whit the sendmail command or whit elm it is the same
> thing.
> Do you understand it?

It seems _you_ didn't understand something here. sendmail is _not_ a mail
program (mail user agent, MUA) but a mail transport program (MTA). Mail
user agents let you compose mail, and drop your mail, properly formatted
with all required headers, in the MTA's outgoing queue (/var/spool/mqueue
on some systems). The MTA picks up this mail and sends it off, plus
receives incoming mail and stores it in /var/spool/mail for the MUA to
read. That's how mail works on Unix systems. Deal with it. 

> >kick this line out, you were told at least two times now, that this delivers
> >the mail, you retrieve with fetchmail to mail.libero.it, it goes right back
> >to where it come from, why dont you belive us?
> I believe you, and as I already wrote, if I delete the smtp entry, I can't
> retrieve any messages.

Probably because your MTA (which is listening on the SMTP port, and to
which fetchmail submits each mail it retrieved, to make it seem like your
machine received them via SMTP, with the proper headers. This is described
in the fetchmail documentation, BTW. 

> The fetchmail program tells me that it can't connect to a smtp server.
> Do you understand it?

We do understand your problem, sure. You don't have any SMTP server
running on your system, that's why. The SMTP server has to run on _your_
machine for fetchmail to deliver mail via SMTP. 

> Ok. I understand, but I can't even connect to my machine. telnet
> doesn't work.

Probably because telnetd isn't installed, or disabled by default for
security reasons. You are running Debian, aren't you? Debian system
come with telnetd disabled. Try "ping 127.0.01" and "telnet 25"
(the 25 is the SMTP port number, where the SMTP server should be
listening). I repeat again: you are not running any SMTP server, either
because it's not started at all, or because it's misconfigured and dies
right after starting. Fix it. 

> I can read and write, what's your problem?
> And I can even understand that you are not very intelligent.
> Think about it.

All you posted so far just prove -to the best of my knowledge- that your
problem is between chair and keyboard, on your side. Insulting people on
the other side isn't going to solve it. 

That's my final word on this issue. Please post something new next time.


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