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Re: E-mail problems. (fwd)

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 03:06:45PM +0100, R.S.L. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently had problems whit retrieving e-mail messages from linux system. I
Gee, how often do you want to ask this question? Why dont you read the
answers??? Ah, you cant retrieve your mail, I guess we have to live with
your question once a week?

> tried to configure everything better, and I have installed a new MTA, which is
> Exim. I configured it, and I can send messages. But there is another problem:
did you configure it by-hand or did you use the execellent config tool
(eximconfig) which is called in the postinst? eximconfig works fine for me,
I did not have to edit it by hand to get a basic setup working.

> When my messages are sent, the sender is not my real username. I'm
> rygar@libero.it and when I send a message whit the sendmail command, the
with sendmail? why dont you use mutt to send you mail??? or elm or mail or
pine... do you also use a binary editor to draw pictures?

> sender is root@libero.it .
> How can I modify the sender output?
did you read exim.conf? There is a section called rewrite configuration, I
admit the documentation could be better (or maybe I did not look for it long
enough) but it worked for me with _very_ little experimenting... just enable
rewrite and write user and email address into etc/email-addresses.
But this is advanced usage of exim I think, a mail user program would do
fine for you, sendmail is a mail tranport program (right?).

> # Exim.conf file, configurato da Roberto Suggi Liverani
hand-made, right? mine says:
# This is the main exim configuration file.
# It was originally generated by `eximconfig', part of the exim package
use eximconfig...
> exim_user = root
maybe thats the reason?
> qualify_recipient = rygar
> local_domains = "localhost:localhost.localdomain"
> trusted_users = root
maybe this? I have
never_users = root
trusted_users = mail
>  user = root
> Can you tell me which parameter I have to modify in order to make the sender
> -> rygar@libero.it
use a decent mail program like mutt (or pine) and set it there. dont use
root everywhere in the config, it is not used by eximconfig for a reason...
> Well, there are other files that can be useful to understand better my
> situations:
Well, did you read any of the replies you got before? Did you read the
manpages and docs, the examples in the debian packages?
> # See exim info section for details of the things that can be configured here.
> postmaster: root
> root: root
seems not, when you install exim, it tells you that mail for root should go
to a _user_ account and not to root. you did not select one, why not?

> This is my .fetchmailrc file:
> poll popmail.libero.it
> protocol POP3
> username rygar@libero.it, password *, is rygar
> smtphost mail.libero.it
kick this line out, you were told at least two times now, that this delivers
the mail, you retrieve with fetchmail to mail.libero.it, it goes right back
to where it come from, why dont you belive us?

> In the dmesg my system is root@rygar.
> This is my bash prompt: rygar#
you forgot one thing, your credit card number...

>   Messages will be SMTP-forwarded to: mail.libero.it
can you read this? mail never stays on your machine...

> This all I can tell you.
thank you, thats enough.
> Can you please help me!?
Sorry, I cant help you learn reading...

BTW what is so m68k specific with you problem? Michael told you when you
asked first, that this is not at all m68k related, your system works, now you
have a mail problem, ask on debian-user, please.

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