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Re: Some problems...

On Sat, Dec 04, 1999 at 06:51:22AM +0800, Stephen Hardman wrote:

> > > P.S.: Instead I can send messages using smail, and mutt.
> > Completely different issue, sending mail does not matter for receiving mail.
> You might not have noticed this, but this is how fetchmail works.
> The description is "fetchmail is a mail-retrieval and forwarding utility".
Ok, technically speaking, you are probably right, Im just a dumb physicist... 
But does this help him?
>From my point of view as a user, I send my mail with exim or smail and I had
to configure it to use a smarthost, that was a completely different thing
from using fetchmail, at least it took me quite some more time to make it
work than getting fetchmail to work. AFAIK local mail delivery allways works
on a debian system, you have to do some work to get it not working.

> It picks up your mail then, if you don't have an smtphost setting, it
> will deliver to localhost:25 (where you smtp services should be running).
> Therefore it will adhere to any further rules your local mail transport
> agen (MTA) has about your mail, such as any .forward files or filters.
> This is how it ends up nicely in your local mailbox.
So he just removes the smtphost, like I did, and it will work?
> So you also need to have sendmail or any other MTA qualifying package
> installed allowing delivery from localhost, then if it's still not
> working, even though it shows it being transfered, you might be able to
> spot some smtp configuration problem by reading the mail.log.  Of
> course he might not be delivering it to his local machine therefore he
> has the smtphost line set to deliver elsewhere.
I cant read his mind, but now it seems this is what he did, but did not
intend. Looking through the logs to see what really happend is allways a
good thing.
> You can also turn on debugging in the .fetchmailrc which will help in
> terms of fetchmail problems.
Thats a good idea, actually, I allways call fetchmail -v to get this 
debugging information.

Ok, I learned something, now lets wait for a reply from him before we
confuse him even more :-)

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