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Re: Debian install instructions

> >Yes, dselect is a pain (Ive tested the new gtk(?) based installer once, looks 
> >a little better), but dpkg -i x11/* is stupid... maybe you get X working
> >then, but there are so many packages that are not needed when makeing X work..
> >I think the profiles you can select during the first install (ie X workstation)
> >will install everything need for the given purpose. 
> I haven't found dselect to be too bad myself. When I originally installed
> Debian I selected the X Workstation profile to get a reasonable setup
> and then used dselect to remove unwanted packages and to add new ones.

That's perfectly fine - selecting everything from scratch is a bit PITA,
and that's what I meant (back in the Debian 1.3 or even 2.0 days there
were no install profiles :-)


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