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Re: Debian install instructions


>Thats what I want to hear :-)
>Unfortunately the situation worsens from release to relase, as the number of
>packages increases dramatically. So it will take you much longer to select
>what you want. Youre fine when oyu update from slink, when you have the
>time, you can look for new and intersting things, but I fear when you
>install from scratch, the number of packages is overwhelming. But I think,
>people are working on a solution.

I guess though that this can't just apply to Debian. Surely as the other
distributions increase in size the same sort of problems will occur?

>What do you want to install that is not available as a deb? Basically, you
>can use rpm but you should use alien, which uses rpm to build a deb from the
>rpm file. 

Oh, I think I have miss-understood. I took it that the RPM that came with
Debian would allow you to install .deb files but using the RPM interface.

>Oh, I heard things like "it tooke me one whole day"...

Oh god, that's nearly as long as it takes to install NT. ;-)



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