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Re: Debian install instructions

On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 10:17:04AM +0000, Ben Hills wrote:

> I haven't found dselect to be too bad myself. When I originally installed
> Debian I selected the X Workstation profile to get a reasonable setup
> and then used dselect to remove unwanted packages and to add new ones.
Thats what I want to hear :-)
Unfortunately the situation worsens from release to relase, as the number of
packages increases dramatically. So it will take you much longer to select
what you want. Youre fine when oyu update from slink, when you have the
time, you can look for new and intersting things, but I fear when you
install from scratch, the number of packages is overwhelming. But I think,
people are working on a solution.
> I see that RPM is available on one of the CD's. Has anybody tried
> this out yet?
What do you want to install that is not available as a deb? Basically, you
can use rpm but you should use alien, which uses rpm to build a deb from the
rpm file. Then you can install the deb and remove it cleanly again. I dont
know what happens when you install rpms on a debian system, makeing a deb
out of it is the clean (and easy) solution.
> Yep, it took about an hour and a half on my system. I really must get
> a faster CD ROM......
Oh, I heard things like "it tooke me one whole day"...
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