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Quadra 950 (fwd)

[forwarded (slightly edited) to both Debian and Mac development list;
looks like a 53C96 SCSI problem to me]

To whoever it may concern ... I'd appreciate if mail on Mac kernel or
install issues could be directed to the appropriate mailing list. I don't
own a m68k Mac, and I'm not currently involved with Mac kernel development
(other than PPC hacking). Thank you.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 11:35:23 +0100 (CET)
From: Mikael Svenson <mikaels@funcom.com>
To: Michael Schmitz <schmitz@simul.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de>
Subject: Quadra 950

I donęt know if I should have posted this to the mc debian mailing list,
but here goes anyway. Ięve gotten hold of a Quadra 950 which Ięm trying to
install Debian on. I downloaded the latest 2.1 disk set which was
released, but upon boot it didnęt have keyboard support. So, I got the
latest rootmac.bin from eradicator, and I downloaded the latest 2.2.x
kernel. Now it boots fine, but most of the times it wonęt find my scsi
drive, just the cdrom. The times it has found the hd, ięve had troubles
with installing the rest of the files. It stops when trying to mount the
resc1440.bin from my /debian dir which is on my mac volume.

I think I have read just about all the old mailinglist archives and the
install text. Is there a newer snapshot anywhere which can be downloaded
and installed, or should i do something different.

The boot paramater I use is: 
root=/dev/ram mac5380=4,2 mac53c9x=1 video=font:VGA8x8

I have a Fireball 1.2gb disk btw :)

Any help would be appreciated..... maybe I should go to sleep soon after
staying awake for 24h at this compĆuter party in sweden

[anon ftp address trimmed]

Have a nice day :)

Mikael  Svenson
Funcom Oslo AS - Game Designer
Work: +4722420102 Mobile: +4790751013
aka Wobba/Crusaders

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