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Frustrated Amiga needs help at booting from HD!


first of all, the stuff i'm talking about:

debian (base2_1, amiboot-5.6), successfully installed using StartInstall

i was NOT given the opportunity to create a boot floppy or get a
bootloader starting it (both was said to be "still impossible"). that
alone wouldn't really hurt, but after doing a

  'amiboot-5.6 -k linuxamiga /dev/hda2 ro'

it apparently doesn't even try to start from harddisk (although it
recognizes my root and swap partitions), but... well, here's the

Root-NFS: Unable to open at least on network device.
Root-NFS: Unable to contact NFS Server for root fs, using /dev/fd0
VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER.

i tried feeding it with a random floppy, which led to kernel panic :)

who can help?

Gul Junaz

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