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Re: Ahhh!! (ohh)

Hello Michael

On 12-Jun-99, you wrote:

> David Ellison wrote:
>> After doing a new install of ver 2.0.x I think.. def. 2.x
>> I have rebooted using the linuxgo script. But when it gets to the point
>> where it detects the partitions. It shows them and then says it cannot
>> mount or find primary drive with a number 8:06.
> You forgot to edit the boot script to specify the correct root device.
> Please read the install guide, it describes the steps to take to
> successfully boot from the newly installed partition. 
> That's all I can glance from your description; please be more specific and
> mention what machine you install on, and what version of Debian you
> installed.
> (linuxgo doesn't sound like Atari or Mac, might be Amiga, but why should I
> have to guess here?)
>     Michael
Sorry, the machine is an 030 50mhz AMiga, it has 16mb of ram and the main
partition for the Linux is 350 and the swap is 30mb.

I have sent the parse amiboot5.2 -k linuxamiga root=/dev/sda6 ro video=pal

The drive is correct, as it found the same and prep'd it for installlation.

Everything had worked in the install. But is just refuses to Boot..

The message it gives is.

/Partition check/

*lists all partitions correctly*

/VFS: cannot open root device 08:06/

/KERNEL PANIC: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:06/

Hope this helps...


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